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FAQ's and Money saving ideas
The most frequently asked questions about our villas and how to save cash

Do you have old Cine films tucked away in the Attic?
Let us transfer them for you for as little as £20 for your 1st 50ft and £4 for each subsequent 50ft

Transfer your old videos from VHS, 8MM, Betamax and mini DV or betacam to DVD
only £20 inc p/p (per tape) including a library case for either DVD or VHS
Online booking form

Don't leave your special family history moments to go mouldy in your loft. Give them new life on a DVD
16mm a speciality
Online booking form

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Everything in the way of linen,  towels,  cutlery and utensils are provided,  so you only need to bring your personal items with you.  Your first soaps and toilet rolls are supplied, and  Hairdryers  are  provided  in  both  bathrooms,  but  you  will need  to  purchase  any subsequent  items.  Depending  on who has occupied the villa before, there are normally assorted cleaning supplies to carry on with, but replacements are in your hands.

Q: Can I bring my own electrical items?

A: Most modern electrical  items  work on dual  voltage, but  check  first.  Remember  that American  voltage  is under half of the UK's at 110 volts,  so some items might work more slowly than at home.

Also remember that  American plumbing uses a smaller bore system, so only tissues can be  flushed away safely. This is  important as  call out charges to unblock toilets are your responsibility and can be expensive as well as inconvenient.

Q: What about rubbish?

A: The dustbin is stored in the garage,  and the bins are emptied on Tuesday and Friday, collected by the roadside at the end of your drive.

Q: Why Security deposits?

A: 95 percent  of our guests  receive the full refund on their security deposit, but you are responsible  for  any damage or  breakages  while staying in  the villa.  Once you leave,  if you  have not  reported  anything  to the management,  they will  inspect  the property for any damage and inform us.

Q: How do I get into the property when we arrive?

A: There  is  a lock  box on the  door  handle  and you  are given  the code once you have paid your final balance.  Only one key is provided so take care with it. When departing on your final day please ensure that you have put it back in the lock box.

Q: What about alarms?

A: The  house is  protected by an alarm  system and  you are  given the codes  when you pay your final balance.

Q: Why do you have pool alarms on the patio doors?

A: For some time now it has been  Florida law that patio doors leading out to the pool are alarmed to  stop very young children  wandering  out to the pool unsupervised,  and this system  works very  well.  It  is  not  connected  to  the  main  alarm  box and  works off of batteries,  so check it on your arrival and if it is not working simply  ring the management company to replace the batteries. The procedure is simple; you just press the  grey  button once and then open the patio doors.  You have roughly 15 seconds to exit and  then close  the patio door before the  alarm goes off.  If it does, or to re-enter,  simply press again.   (This only  applies to the  dining room  patio  doors  as the patio doors in the quiet room are permanently locked, so cannot be accessed.)

Q: What about air conditioning?

A: The whole house has  A/C and every room  has a ceiling fan.  The thermostat is set by the  management and  should  not be  interfered  with by  the guests.  In summer the  A/C keeps the  house cool and in winter  it  is set to  heating instead,  so  always  contact  the management if you are not happy with the settings.
The  patio door  with the pool alarm  and the bathroom  leading  out to the pool as well as the garage  door have  sensors  linked to the  AC  which shut  off the AC if left open,  so if you want the house kept cool, keep all doors to the outside shut.

Q: What about the pool temperature?

A: We have a solar heated pool, which means we have free heat from the sun for most of the  year.     Most  pool complaints  are  as a  direct  result  of  people  tampering  with  the controls  of  the pool,  so  they  should  not  be  touched.  If  you  think there is something wrong, contact the management who will see to it.
A pool blanket  is provided and  apart from the  height of summer,  this  should be put on every night,  or left on when not in use. If you arrive at the start of your holiday and find it off,  put it on as soon  as possible.  That way your pool  will be a  delight to you  and your family.

Q: What if we arrive in the dark?

A: In practical terms, by the time you have landed,  cleared customs,  found your car and then  driven  to  Poinciana,  it will  be dark.  There are  sensor  lights once  you are  on the driveway,  and a timer operated light should be on in the lounge, so don't turn it off when you retire as it will switch itself off and be ready for the next evening.  Each bedroom has bedside lamps  that are switched on  from the doorway and one that is switched on from the  bed,  but  if  you  switch  the lamp  controlled  by the wall  off  at the  lamp,  it  will  not operate the next time you try to use it from the wall( hope this makes sense!)

Q: What about laundry?

A: There is a washing machine and tumble dryer in the garage as well as an iron.

Q: How do I use the appliances?

A: Most  of them are straight forward,  but  should be a black folder  in the kitchen drawer
( hopefully) which has instructions for the appliances.

Q: Where do I buy birdseed?

A: In any of the Wall Marts or K Marts along the 192. It is around $5 for a large bag.
The birds  also  appreciate  bread  and  other  goodies  you  may  have left.  One  word  of warning  however,  be sure  that you do not leave big food out as you will have raccoons and armadillos for company!

Q: How does the TV setup operate?

A: We have a unit containing a large TV, a video player, DVD player and a stereo CD unit. Each has a remote and the operation is quite simple;      Only use the TV remote to power the set (it is left on channel 3) then use the satellite remote for the channels. The video and DVD both override the satellite so do not need another channel to play on.  The DVD sound  is  routed  through  the  stereo,  so to listen to the surround sound from the  DVD, turn on the stereo and using the function button select video for the sound.   You cannot access pay per view movies as these options are not available. 

Q: What about attraction tickets?

A: If you have not bought them in the UK beforehand, you will find the name of our ticket agent on the fridge door, and they guarantee to match any price you have been given
( with proof of course!)

Q: How far are the shops?

A: You  are  luckier  than many estates between us and the attractions in that we have an enormous range of shops only 5 minutes away.

Useful Information to save money so you can rent one of our homes instead

If you need to use the phone then it is cheaper to purchase a prepaid calling card from one of the supermarkets e.g. Wal*Mart or Publix than to use your credit card.

A number of restaurants, such as Shoneys, Ponderosa, Sizzler, Golden China etc. do all-you-can eat buffet meals. It is good if you are a big eater, just enjoy variety or the kids are fussy eaters (at least if they do not like something they can go and help themselves to something else.

Ask for iced water if you donít really want any thing else Ė itís free and quenches your thirst.

Check for discount coupons, you rarely have to pay full price for anything!
Strollers cost approx. $7 dollars a day to hire in the parks, you also have to queue to hire the stroller and return it to get back your deposit. Taking your own stroller, which most airlines will carry free of charge is easier and cheaper.

There is a Disney discount store located in Belz Outlet at the top of International Drive.
We have purchased attraction tickets, even Disney tickets cheaper from the discount ticket stalls and had no problems.

Say no to having a full tank of petrol in your hire car, you will pay over the odds for the fuel. Just return the car full.

We  take drinks into the parks to save purchasing in the parks. Drinks usually cost approx. $2.50 for a 24 oz bottle of soda. The parks also provide water fountains.

Take some snacks for the kids, itís cheaper than buying snacks inside.

People tend to dress casual in the parks, so donít go over board on holiday clothes, you can also buy things out there probably cheaper!. In addition, the villa has washing and drying facilities, so you only need take a few changes of clothes, save all the washing when you get back!

You can purchase rain macs from the parks for approx. $6 plus tax, or if youíve got a light weight rain coat then take that instead.

Some restaurant chains (Dennyís for example) often have days when kids eat free when accompanied by an adult.


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